Started Music in the early 90’s but became more professional around 1998 that wasbackin the secondary school where he joined 30-man Classical/opera singers as of then, they were among the top 3 classical groups inNigeriathey are called THE TRIUMPHANT CHORAL VOICES headed by ASP Mike Ohiri.

Pype(then called Majek) was theBASSsinger of the group. They performed at theEagle Square Abujato usher in the Millenium where Pype delivered a lot of solo performances with THE GRAND CHAMBER ORCHESTRA.

2001 they made history by rendering the complete works of G.F HANDEL’S MESSIAH which has 56 works.

The dance hall show stopper,General Pypeis out with this new record titled “Shop Is Open”.

General Pype – Shop Is Open

“Play Online”



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